Cuisine: Western

Atmosphere: Unpretentious

Serving Style: Buffet

Smoking Permitted: No


Cuisine: Bar Menu

Smoking Permitted: No


Cuisine: Chinese

Smoking Permitted: No


Cuisine: Coffee

Smoking Permitted: No


Cuisine: French

Atmosphere: Elegant

Setting: Magnificient castle view

Smoking Permitted: No


Cuisine: Japanese

Atmosphere: Elegant, relaxing

Smoking Permitted: No

Our Features

The Westin Eat Well Menu for Kids

Since eating well isn’t just for adults, Westin has teamed up with the experts at SuperChefs™ to offer the Westin Eat Well Menu for Kids.

The Westin Sleep Well Menu

Whether you’re adjusting to a new time zone or recovering from your travels, sound sleep is the key to renewal. Recommended by the experts at SuperFoodsRx™, the items on the Westin Sleep Well Menu for in-room dining promote rest and recovery.

Westin Fresh by The Juicery

Fuel your day and enhance your wellness with Westin Fresh by The Juicery, an assortment of nourishing, healthy juices and smoothies.


Fuel your body with delicious SuperFoodsRx™ dishes packed with nutrients and energy.

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