Follow Me

Embark on a voyage through the view finder with Follow Me, the 24-hour visual journey artfully synced with the day-to-night transition and that lights up the hubs of all +100 Le Méridien Hotels across the world.

Follow five artists as they cross countries and continents to bring the glamour of travel to life. Discover chic style and timeless romance through the lenses of Gita Ozolina, Onn Halpern, Lucie Robinson, Natta Summerky and Chutima Treearayapon.

Along each artist’s journey, experience the world through creative eyes inspired by the themes of Golden Age of Travel, 50s and 60s Cinema and Rouge.


“Rouge is reflective of live and love. When catching red on camera, I try to let it move and shine.” Lucie Robinson

Lucie captured the romance of travel through her chic lens, from vintage cars to red rooftops from above to a bright umbrella against a monochrome urban space.


“My photos portray the world through the eyes of a modern traveler’s impressions, emotions, and different pleasures that the journey brings.” Gita Ozolina

Gita curated her work through the lens of retro cinema, juxtaposing this distinct nostalgia with the contemporary charm of global destinations, from the Gangnam District in South Korea to the stylish streets of Paris.


“I believe that every continent has its own timeless chicness and charm. It is the photographer’s vision and challenge to reflect them.” Chutima Treearayapong

Chutima was inspired by the idea of capturing midcentury charm and European roots wherever she traveled, no matter the destination — Thailand, India, Oman, the United States, and many European countries.


“It's all about listening and observing. Every visual image we see is energy translated into physical matter.” Onn Halpern

Onn searched for moments reminiscent of the European Golden Age of Travel, evoking vintage beach culture, cosmopolitan summers, and road trip snapshots along the Mediterranean coast.


“My story reflects a sensual and whimsical feel, where the colour rouge gently connects all the elements...” Natta Summerky

“The narrative is about an elusive hero wandering the city, capturing both ordinary and surreal situations with a modern twist. The identity of the hero is never fully revealed, making it more captivating to discover more.”

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