Made by Originals

Every Design Hotels location provides an individual aesthetic and service-driven experience that reflects the vision of an independent hotelier – an “Original” with a passion for cultural authenticity and genuine hospitality that is rooted and enhanced by thought-provoking design and architecture.

Whether designers or developers, owners or operators, Design Hotels' Originals are always outstanding personalities and bold visionaries. They are the engines behind pioneering design and revolutionary hospitality. They shape the way we travel, they influence the way we do business, and they tantalize us with new and exciting hospitality trends. Yes, they are global thinkers, but they are also local doers – neighborhood heroes whose hotels become creative gathering points and cultural institutions for both travelers and members of the surrounding community. This ability to immerse guests in the local scene is at the heart of what makes these Originals so unique in the hospitality industry.

Each Original is, by definition, profoundly different. But they all share a few common denominators: Originals take risks. They have entrepreneurial spirits. They have a strong sense of aesthetics. They are the very soul of whatever they build, operate, represent and establish. They are, in short, artisans of the guest experience, using their vision, sophistication, energy and attention to detail to create lasting moments.

Note: Only select Design Hotels member hotels are SPG Partner Hotels that participate in the SPG Program. Design Hotels may not offer the same SPG benefits or brand service standards as other Starwood hotels.

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